BioThane® Dog Slip Collar
  • BioThane® Dog Slip Collar

    Our lightweight yet genuine BioThane® Slip Collars are perfect for anyone looking to train their dog! They are designed to slip over your pet’s head and tighten to a snug fit when tugged on. These collars are strong enough to provide correction, yet soft enough to provide comfort. These collars are non-adjustable


    If your dog is on the fluffier side, please take this into consideration when measuring! An additional inch or two may be necessary to ensure a perfect fit. 


    Please refer to the sizing guide to ensure a perfect fit! 


    • Standard Beta 520 BioThane®

    • Waterproof 

    • Odour-repellant 

    • Stain-proof 

    • Durable 

    • Vegan 


    Although incredibly aesthetic and well built, the black hardware has a tendency of getting scratched due to the nature of its paint. If this is of a concern to you, please opt for the “silver” hardware option. However, please do note that all hardware options are not scratch-proof and are prone to usual wear and tear over time. 


    Processing times for manufacturing range from 10-14 working days (excluding weekends & public holidays). If you would like to rush your order please do select it at the checkout page!


    Designed & Handcrafted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Returns/Refunds may only be applicable if the product arrives damaged and/or inoperable. Refunds are only guaranteed after discussing with the sales team and they have confirmed your requests. Please ensure that the correct measurements are taken for your pet as there is a no refunds policy for collars that do not fit if the error orginates from innacurate measurements. If we have delivered the wrong size please do get in contact with us to resolve the matter.

    Please do not hesitate to hit the "Contact Us" button on the bottom right of the page if you have more questions.

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