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Meet The Team




It all started when I wanted to buy my dog a collar. I was looking for something completely unique - just like my 60kg adopted Mastiff, Bella. Being a rugged outdoor dog, Bella required something that would not only withstand her bodyweight but also a material that would be able to handle the harsh tropical climate that we live in - something both nylon and leather have failed to do so in the past. 

After months of research with Rahul, Biothane seemed like the most viable option, ticking all of Bella's boxes and from there we decided that this material would be a game changer in the pet industry. 




Leveraging a deep passion for business and consulting, I've always had the goal of starting a small business that targets a missing need within the market. 


This came in the form of Berko, when Kiran and I were looking for collars for our pets but could not find one that suited their needs. We needed a collar that was not only strong for our larger dogs but also one that was easy to clean and could hold its own against our steep humidity.


It was with that in mind that BioThane came about and is now a key resource in our business. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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